Collection: Stock Solutions

Use our stock solutions directly or as a component in solutions you create in your own lab. We prepare our stock solutions using high quality raw materials, ASTM Type 1 water, and sterile packaging. Our stock solutions are intended for Research and Development Use Only.
210 products
  • Magnesium acetate, 1M
  • Calcium acetate, 1M
  • Bicine/ NaOH, 1M, pH7.0
  • Sodium acetate/ Acetic acid, 1M, pH4.5
  • PEG 3000, 50%(w/v)
  • PEG 1000, 50%(w/v)
  • Sodium acetate/ Acetic acid, 1M, pH5.5
  • Glycerol, 80%(v/v)
  • Methanol, 100%(v/v)
  • NaPO2/K2PO, 4M, pH 5.5
  • NaPO2/K2PO, 4M, pH 8.5
  • Nickel chloride, 4M
  • Na/K mono/dibasic phosphate, 2M
  • MMT Buffer, 1M, pH9.0
  • Tris/ HCl, 1M, pH7.0
  • SPG Buffer, 1M, pH4.0