Block, Wizard Precipitant Synergy Set

Block, Wizard Precipitant Synergy Set

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192 Formulations, 1.7 mL volumes in two 96 well block Plates.

Wizard Precipitant Synergy Block Technical Sheet

Application: Wizard Precipitant Synergy Formulations in Blocks are particularly well suited for high-throughput protein crystallization in 96 well standard formats, using multichannel pipettors or robotic dispensation instrumentation.

Recommended Use Depending on the type of crystallization tray and employed reservoir volume, a single Wizard Precipitant Synergy protein crystallization kit provides Formulations for ca. 12 to 24 96-well based crystallization Plates (assuming reservoir well volumes of 160 or 80 uL).

Approximate total number of crystallization setups: 1,152 – 2,304 corresponding to six or twelve unique 192 formulation crystallization trials.

Dimensions: Well positions of deep well block Plates conform to well center positional requirements for microPlates (ANSI/SBS 4-2004).

Well shape: round

Well diameter: 7mm

Well depth: 35mm

Well bottom shape: round

Block dimensions: 128 x 86 x 42 mm

Formulations arrangement:  64 base Precipitant Synergy Formulations are arranged sequentially in each row, with every third well filled with a unique set of reagents. Three neighboring wells in rows each contain a base formulation consisting of 100%, 67% and 33% of precipitation reagents and constant buffer concentrations of 100 mM.