Tubes, Wizard Precipitant Synergy

Tubes, Wizard Precipitant Synergy

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The Precipitant Synergy Protein Crystallization Screen Kit contains 192 distinct Precipitant Synergy protein crystallization Formulations.

Application: Precipitant Synergy Formulations are used to prepare protein crystallization experiments in a variety of experiment formats: including vapor diffusion or batch crystallization, sitting or hanging drop configurations.

Recommended Use: Primary protein crystallization trials, particularly difficult-to-crystallize proteins.

Primary screening of one target protein using a total of 192 different crystallization Formulations. Simple coverage of 768 distinct crystallization conditions can be achieved by setting up crystallization experiments employing two protein concentrations (i.e. 20 and 10 mg/mL) and incubation at 4ºC and room temperature.

Long Term Storage: Room temperature

Use / Stability: Kit Formulations are stable for one year from date of receipt

Handling: Avoid freezing. Avoid Temperatures above 37ºC. Protect from light. Once opened, reseal with tape to reduce evaporation.

Validation: Crystallization tests showed that the use of Wizard Precipitant Synergy Formulations “…significantly enhanced both the probability of crystallization as well as the quality of optimized crystals”. Tests with several difficult to crystallize proteins showed a significant two to three-fold increase in the overall probability of crystallization (Mayeed et al., 2003).

Literature References Majeed, S., Ofek, G., Belachew, A., Huang, C.C., Zhou, T., Kwong, P.D. (2003) Enhancing protein crystallization through precipitant synergy. Structure, 11: 1-20

US patent: 7,300,520

Wizard Precipitant Synergy Tubes Technical Sheet